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Despite the likely ubiquity of the activities alleged in the restaurant industry, the claim that the congressman maintained two sets of records was enough for prosecutors to confidently move forward.For those presently or formerly in the crosshairs, indictments are seen as a pre-text for a political agenda.But he actually feels bad for the indicted congressman, who he believes was targeted as a “big cheese,” while abuses remain rampant. The initial, unsuccessful investigation of the congressman lasted two years and centered on suspicious funding for his 2010 election campaign.Many of Grimm’s business associates and other contacts were pursued during this time, often booked on separate but related charges, and pressured to testify against him. Morghan Richardson, Esq., a criminal defense and divorce attorney, analyzes the charges.

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Now we shouldn't judge people's opinions based solely on their past behavior.But she appeared in Playboy (for the 14th time) only 10 months ago, and posted a nude photo of herself on Instagram just last week.Apparently she only opposes porn that she's not in.David Thunder (the Irish philosopher, not the American porn star, I think) identifies five types of integrity, but I won’t burden you with the full list; it’s not going to be on the test.Suffice it to say, the five kinds of integrity are really a spectrum.

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