Consolidating windows domains

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US personal data which stored in AD couldn't be transferred out of the country.

If AD is implemented in Japan, there should be a problem.

Beyond the first year, you can, if you wish, renew software maintenance and technical support for one, two or three years.

Once your migration or consolidation plan is established, IDEAL Migration manages the transfer of required objects for the good execution of your mission.

The days of Windows and MS SQL are over, at least as far as v Sphere management is concerned.

Over the past year, I’ve done a lot of migrations for customers.

The v Center Server Appliance is all the rage right now.

No, it’s not a fad, in fact if you want to make sure you can take advantage of all the latest cool features, you should make the jump.

And with Migration Manager, you’ll be able to move all types of objects including users, groups, computers, volumes, printers, contacts, organizational units, network topology (e.g., sites, subnet, site links) as well as directory permissions.

This is usually in the form of two sites with a v Center and some number of hosts, each site on their own little island (i.e.; different SSO domains).

After all, this is the easiest way to deploy v Sphere – stand up a Windows VM, do a simple v Center install so all components reside on the same VM and TA-DA, VMWARE!

If you are the administrator of a medium to large organization, it is likely that you are responsible for managing multiple domains, perhaps even multiple forests, rather than managing a single domain forest.

In this chapter you discover how and why you would configure forests with multiple domain trees and the benefits of each functional level.

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