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DEERS registration is needed for e Benefits registration.

This guide provides a step by step process for updating your contact details by accessing your Centrelink online account via my Gov.

Each of your lists includes a default update profile form that matches your signup form and allows your contacts to update their own profile information.

Every email campaign you send should include a link to your update profile form so your subscribers always have an opportunity to make changes.

You can ensure that your address details are up to date with all your linked member services by using the Update Your Details option in your my Gov account.

However, for some TLDs, changing the owner of a domain or changing the email address of the registrant contact requires authorization. When the contact type is Person and you change the First Name or Last Name fields for the registrant contact, you change the owner of the domain.

Keeping us up to date means we can contact you and correctly assess your eligibility for payments and services.

This includes telling us if any of your address, accommodation or contact details change.

" on the login screen and a temporary password will be emailed to you.

Navigate to your profile and select edit contact information.

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