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Things start to change when her best friend, Liz, and new friend, Stephanie, try and make her more into a girl.She finds herself liking to dress up and fawning over all sorts of boys, from a famous singer to a boy in her own class.Kristin Bartzokis, 34, was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a condition that affects the development of bones in the face and other facial tissues.The underdevelopment can subsequently lead to hearing, breathing, and swallowing issues as well for the 1 in every 50,000 people affected.Why does it seem like every relationship/dating attempt I make will end in nothing, but a disaster and a complete waste of time?When I realised that I couldn’t answer that question, no matter how hard I tried, I decided to change my perspective on dating – or maybe I just gave up…Sometimes, when things get hard, and you see one dating failure succeeding another one, it’s hard not to lose hope and not to give up on your search for love all together.When it comes to dating, after seeing my catastrophes repeating themselves with different guys, I couldn’t help but wonder – In a city like London, where possibilities are limitless, why does it seem that when it comes to guys I only had one?

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The day I was born, the doctor and the nurses were very standoffish — they kind of ignored my parents, [who I learned a lot of the stories of my early childhood from while writing the book].

And if I go out with them a few times and I see that they might be a good match, I find no need in dating other guys, until I see where my current dating endeavour will lead.

So, naturally, when I met Cristiano I applied the well-known, familiar dating routine I was so accustomed to.

Eventually, they showed me to my mom, and my parents noticed something seemed a little odd and that I had little ears.

But I was their first child so they really didn't know what to expect.

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