First year dating scrapbook

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It's an "At-home" date of watching silly, stupid You-tube videos and then giving one another massages. because it is way past time we cherished our relationship and one another …

We laugh nervously while he leans down and reaches his arm into the box. He quickly pulls out a big red scrapbook and wipes the dust off of it. He hands me the scrapbook, mumbles something about cleaning and goes into the next room. These sorts of moments are important to me — moments when I get a glimpse into who he was before I knew him. Every photo seems to be taken with such love and care.

I will always buy sentimental gifts from this seller! I ordered this for my gf's birthday, it was a little expensive only being a teddy bear and letter, she said she liked it which is good enough for me to give it 5 stars, I how ever cannot get in detail about the product since I sent it to my gf who is currently staying in another state for the time being.

I bought this to make a scrapbook for my boyfriend and it was better than expected! This is perfect for creating a neat place to save and exhibit memories. We wear these every day and are proud to wear them. After a month, the tightener part has held up like the day we got them.

It was AWESOME -- four hours of REAL communication .... Bliss.)(Next month, to celebrate our 8th Anniversary, we are going ice-skating and then coming back home to recreate the dessert we enjoyed on our 1st anniversary.

There's also another element I have planned for that night, but it's a surprise for Hubby. )(December is always crazy and stressful, so for this date, we're going to play it low key.

The seller is amazing she communicated with me via email she responded very fast and this gift came or perfect for my best friends house warming!

The scrapbook not only has typical kissing selfies, but also photos of the sunset, the beach, a little cafe they must’ve frequented, and their pumpkins on Halloween.

(I’m right.) That makes sense, my boyfriend is a creative soul, and he thrives off of other creative and independent energies.

And as Hubby thumbed through those pages, he found the potential for romance, intimacy, laughter, and — most importantly — time together.

Using ideas I found for ) Regardless of cost, the point of this gift was to carve out time for Hubby and I to be together.

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