Friend dating uk

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In all likelihood, most of your friends are your friends because you caught the bus to school together, or shared a kitchen in your university halls, or sat next to each other in an office once upon a time. But sometimes, building friendships requires a little more conscious effort.You probably won’t remember the moment you ‘decided’ to become friends, because it didn’t involve a conscious choice at all. Perhaps you find yourself living in a new city, miles away from your old gang, and suddenly your diary looks frighteningly empty every weekend, and you realise that you’re going to have to take decisive action if you don’t want to drown in all that blank space.

But it's ok, because those things are also kind of the reason you love him.

Even if we desperately want to make new friends, we have, somewhere deep within our cultural DNA, a hereditary terror of ‘coming on too strong’. Research suggests that it could be risky to rely solely on our old friendships: a study conducted by sociologists at Utrecht University found that we lose half of our close mates every seven years.

, when Billy Crystal’s character explains the age old riddle of male and female friendships.

It's a risky business Because you could end up with no BF BFF. He's known you since you were young enough to wet the bed (sober) and now his son is shagging you.11.

You might break his heart And there's not much more that's worse than upsetting the life long best friend you care about massively. You weren't even consciously aware he one up til now, never mind the pressure of unwrapping it with the same expectation as a bloody Christmas present. While you definitely wouldn't be weeping over Olaf nearly melting in it's going to be awkward.

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