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The addition of different cultural backgrounds and appearance creates circumstances which are less likely to occur in intracial relationships.

Some of the less obvious red flags a person may be tempted to ignore or may not realize are warning signs.

The other is your concern about her being in a biracial relationship.

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“Mother Concerned About Interracial Dating” : My 15 year old daughter wants to date a boy who is very nice and one she has known for several years, but he is Black (she is Caucasian).

I didn’t mind when they were 10-12, but dating in high school feels wrong to me in this situation.

Marriage Isn’t Simply Attraction If marriage were just an issue of “man sees woman, man likes woman, man marries woman,” then those who believe white men don’t like black women based on interracial marriage numbers in the United States would, in general, be correct.

Marriage, however, results from a variety of factors and influences.

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