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“We look up to successful professional men with long hair, who break the conventional norms and demonstrate you can be a successful professional with long hair.

Like businessmen Sir Richard Branson, John Paul De Joria and Dan Price,” he adds.

The site itself started in 1996, and now we link to a lot of long-hair groups geared toward both men and women. I had short hair then, because I was part of a religion [Jehovah’s Witnesses] that enforced that. When I got on the Internet, one of the first things I did was type in “men’s long hair.” Of course, in order to be a MLHH moderator, you have to already have long hair.

I didn’t progress in the hierarchy until I left my religion for good, in 2005.

”“We have now been together for nearly four months.

Our love for each other has grown daily and after a wonderful summer we have set up home together." "It’s strange how a smile on a picture on a dating website has led us to where we both are now.

Additionally, we have been told of the rise of the man bun and the dandy flop.

But little is known about the long-hair community, a vibrant online network of men “with hair long enough to fall upon the shoulders.” Longhairs have great tips on how to keep your locks healthy, but they also deal with bias and abuse as they test the edges of traditional gender roles.

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Historically speaking, long hair has been expected from musicians such as me.It's a symbol of our countercultural identification: Choosing to be an artist in such a commercialized, capitalistic culture is a form of rebellion in itself, and long hair is a protest designed to make sure that everyone knows just whose side we're on.Compared with that of musicians like Jim Morrison, Robert Plant or Kurt Cobain, my hair isn't excessively long.I spoke with Jason Bartlett, a moderator of a pioneer long-hair website, about dating, religion, and finding his own mane’s “terminal length.” Jason Bartlett: Yes, it’s a real community.I mean, if I’m out at a concert and I see another longhair, we give each other a little head nod.

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