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The classic femme fatale resorts to murder to free herself from an unbearable relationship with a man who would try to possess and control her, as if she were a piece of property or a pet.According to Sylvia Harvey, the women of film noir are "[p]resented as prizes, desirable objects" 27 for the men of these films, and men's treatment of women as mere possessions is a recurring theme in film noir.But in states of high stress, fear or terror like combat and sexual assault, the prefrontal cortex is impaired – sometimes even effectively shut down – by a surge of stress chemicals.Most of us have probably had the experience of being suddenly confronted by an emergency, one that demands some kind of clear thinking, and finding that precisely when we need our brain to work at its best, it seems to become bogged down and unresponsive.

And in spite of her inevitable death, she leaves behind the image of a strong, exciting, and unrepentant woman who defies the control of men and rejects the institution of the family.

Over a steady and insistent beat produced by JB Music Group, the Dipset leader dusts off his classic laconic flow to run through a laundry list of the people who helped him rise from the streets of Harlem to becoming a formidable force in New York hip-hop.

Whether it's family (his Grandma and Grandma Dot, Uncle Jerry, cousin Joe and son's mother Toy Dawkins), friends who he grew up with or met along the way (A.

It is very likely that he will not recall any of the details that were irrelevant to his immediate survival: Did the shooter have a moustache? It’s his brain reacting to a life-threatening situation just the way it is supposed to—just the way the brain of a rape victim reacts to an assault. Last week, Rolling Stone issued a note about their story of a gang rape at the University of Virginia after reports surfaced of discrepancies in the victim’s accounting.

In the aftermath, the officer may be unable to recall many important details. We cannot comment on that particular and clearly complex case without knowing the facts.

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