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For Jaden lost his luscious locks after his famous father Will cut them off on the Toronto set of their 2018 film Life in a Year earlier this month.

As a result, Dread Empire delivers the ultimate in dreadlock care with it’s all natural qualities, its value for money and proudly it's Australian made.

Atop his hairy situation, he was once again sporting his bizarre metallic grill in his mouth, which covering both rows of teeth.

Thankfully for fans of the privileged 18-year-old, he is not having yet another meltdown in the wake of his 'I am a failure' rant following a trip to the Department Of Motor Vehicles centre, the location where one goes to sit a driving test, in January.

His character will endevour to give her 'an entire life' experience after she is diagnosed terminal cancer in the romance.

Dreadlocks Hair Care's humble beginnings date back to 2001 when my very own set of dreadlings were born.

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