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La région aux alentours de la capitale est riche d’une nature préservée, d’un patrimoine historique extraordinaire.Calme et discrète, elle occupe une position géographique centrale entre les régions de la Moselle, du Mullerthal, des Terres Rouges et des Ardennes.Officiellement créé en 2005, se trouve au nord-est du Luxembourg et a une frontière commune avec l’Allemagne et la Belgique.11 communes avec 14.000 habitants et une superficie totale de 305 km forment une plateforme pour un développement durable de la région.Incontournable pour tous ceux qui affectionnent le tourisme vert, le Parc Naturel est une harmonieuse composition de plateaux et d'étroites vallées aux pentes boisées.Le lac du barrage d’Esch-sur-Sûre est l’endroit idéal pour la pratique de sports aquatiques.The airport holds the claim for "the world's busiest origin and destination (O & D) airport," and has for many years. LAX serves as a hub for Alaska Airlines (which recently joined with Virgin America), Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines.Relative to other airports, many more travelers begin or end their trips in Los Angeles than use it as a connection. The airport serves as a focus city for Allegiant Air, Air New Zealand, Qantas, Spirit Airlines, and Volaris.

Alderon Iron Ore Corp has faced issues in the past with arranging financing amid difficult market conditions.

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We have canvassed opinions from law firm partners and in-house counsel across Canada, to identify corporate counsel that have been instrumental in changing or forming opinions within their company or industry; developing brilliant technical solutions to complex issues; creating innovative structures to ensure that the in-house function is driving the business forward; or providing a business working model that other corporate counsel should follow.

Our team of experienced researchers assessed the nominations, speaking both to general counsel and nominating lawyers to finalise each list.

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