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The findings of this study indicate the presence of a "butterfly effect" within educational organizations, whereby a small failure in the education process causes a bigger failure later on. Yan Yol Sk., SBK Is Merkezi No:5 Kat:1, Uskudar-Istanbul, 34692 Turkey.

Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Physics, College Faculty, Teacher Attitudes, Qualitative Research, Content Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Social Sciences, Failure, Student Experience, Student Attitudes, Educational Environment, Student Behavior Educational Consultancy, Ltd (EDAM).

Cl), indicate four periods of glacial activity in the past 22 ka (1 ka = 1000 calendar years).

Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) glaciers were the most extensive, reaching 6 km in length and descending to an altitude of 2150 m above sea level.

The results show that LGM climate was 8-11 °C colder than today and moisture levels were somewhat similar to modern values, with a range between 20% more and 25% less than today.

The analysis of Lateglacial advance suggests that the climate was colder by 4.5-6.4 °C based on up to 1.5 times wetter conditions.

Our paleoclimate reconstructions show a general trend of warming for the last 22 ka, and an increase of moisture until Early Holocene, and a decrease after that time.Es ist ein Brief des Abschieds, Torsten legt seine Aufgabe nieder.Als Bild wählte er die berühmten Neonazis von Rostock-Lichtenhagen 1992.We collected rock chips (each 20-50 grams) from large boulder (1 m) tops located on the crest of moraines.Fourteen to 32 boulders were chosen for sampling every 20 m.

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