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We at Positive Feedback Online are going to have two main categories of annual awards. This will be recognition given to "the best and the brightest" products that we have experienced in various categories in a given year.In hardware, these will range from "best bang for the buck" to "the best period, and hang the expense! In recordings, we'll be paying tribute to the best that we've found in various formats.However, I am now experiencing the following problem: The output volume (when the RCA or 1/8" input is used) suddenly and dramatically INCREASES IN VOLUME to become unbearable.

Als ich mit der Bose L1 compact über den Klinkenausgang eine... Ich hatte vorher ST wohl falsch verstanden, darum bat er mich, es noch mal zu ändern. I just don't want too many different pedals to deal with. Would the L1 Compact system at £849 be powerful enough for this application? It handles up to 7.1 surround audio out, including the latest formats like DTS-HD, and yet has a separate stereo RCA output for those who just want stereo.Digital inputs include S/PDIF, TOSLINK, and USB 2.0; HDMI 1.3, Component, and Composite are the video outputs.This means that you, our readers, may disagree with our selections, wondering why this or that component, recording or individual was not mentioned. Oppo Digital has made a name for itself in fine audio by delivering an unbelievable amount of features and performance into an attractive and compact footprint.Quite apart from differences in taste/opinion, the answer is simple: we won't be mentioning any design that we haven't spent time with in our own listening rooms. I was very enthusiastic about their DV-983 universal player, and gave it a Brutus Award back in 2008 (see

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